Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to our Programs?

Comfortable clothing and footwear are encouraged.

Clothing should be comfortable that allow you to move freely.  Shoes may vary depending on which club you attend, but your teacher will help guide you n this. 

In summer, wear a hat, apply sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids. Please remember to bring a water bottle.

Our classes commence from 3 years old in our Toddler Tennis Program.  We focus on fast-tracking motor skill development

What is your philosophy?

Each child is different in their motivation to play, abilities, development, and ability to concentrate.

Our Philosophy

At Elite Tennis Academy, we have a clear goal

  • Make sure the lesson is FUN
  • Make sure you hit a lot of tennis balls
  • Make sure you learn

Where are you located?

Lessons are held over 8 locations.  You can choose your nearest location here 

Please see our menu for all our programs and offerings.

What equipment do we need?

You can use our demo racquets as long as you like.

We do encourage you to purchase your own racquet.  We canb help you choose one.  We also have a pro shop in site at some of our venues.

We will also help you choose the right racquet size, grip size and other specifications such as weight.

We also offer an onsite restringing service.

Where can I get a racquet from?

As mentioned, we can help you choose a racquet or you can buy one from one of our onsite pro shops.

How do I enrol?

You can enrol from this website.

Can I enrol mid-term?

Yes.  You can enrol after the term has started. You will only be invoiced for

Once your lesson time is confirmed, you will be invoiced a pro rata rate for the remainder of the term.

How can I reenrol for the next term?

You will always be given first option to retain your place for the next term.

If you require a change to your preferred session type, day, or time, please speak with your coach and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

When can my child play matches

As a general rule, if you can get 50% of your serves in, then you are halfway there.  Our player Pathway guide may help you understand a little better

Do we need to be a member of the club to have lessons?

No, you don’t need to be a club member to have tennis lessons. In order to use the courts outside of the lessons, you may need to join as a member or hire the courts here  

We encourage you to become a member. Yearly membership rates are very cost effective and enable you to play all year round. It also gives you insurance coverage through our member governing body Tennis Victoria.

If you or your child would like to play competition tennis, however, then you are required to become a member. Your Coach can help you with this process.

Terms and Conditions

Elite Tennis Academy operates on a small coach-to-student ratio and therefore coaches are committed to providing coaching as per the scheduled lessons. Therefore, it is your responsibility to attend all classes that you are enrolled in.  Classes you are enrolled in may prevent others from enrolling in the same class.  The class you booked effectively prevents someone else from taking this class.

Missed Lessons – Failure To Attend

  • Coaches rely on your tennis coaching commitment and require notice before the scheduled lesson.

Private Lessons

  • For evening sessions, the coach must be notified prior to 10 am on the day of an evening session to be entitled to a make-up session.
  • For morning sessions, the Coach must be notified by 7 pm n the night before to be entitled to a make-up session.

Group Lessons

  • In the event of not making your group classes, please note our current terms and conditions.
  • If you let us know by 10 am on the day of an evening session or by 7 pm on the night before morning sessions, then you will be eligible for a make-up session.
  • The Director or Head Coach must be notified via text or telephone of the scheduled lesson and must be provided with a medical certificate to ensure a make-up class.
  • These will be offered on the first week of the following school holidays.
  • There will be no credits or refunds applied in these cases.

Missed Lessons – Due To Long Injury Or Illness

  • If the injury or illness is long term you must liaise with the Head Coach in order to reschedule for missed lessons in order to guarantee your place. Credit may be applied in these situations and a medical certificate will be required.

Lesson Cancellation – Washout/Heatouts

  • At ETA we run lessons as scheduled. Please do not assume the lesson is not going ahead. Lessons will be canceled if the temperature is over 36 degrees Celsius, or if the courts are unplayable due to excess water. We will try and notify everyone via SMS and/or email as soon as we make a decision.
  • It is our policy to ensure that all students will be notified via text message of canceled lessons (due to washout or heat out) prior to the scheduled lesson where possible.

Important Notes

  • Credits will be applied for all washouts/heat that cannot be made up during the term.
  • Where a refund is requested, a $30 administration fee will apply. This fee will not apply if ETA caused the error.
  • If you cancel a class within the timeframe and supply a medical certificate, options for make-up will be given where possible. Credits for this class will not be applied.
  • If in doubt about anything regarding our policies, please feel free to contact the Director at ETA as he will be more than happy to assist you with any problems and inquiries.

Payment Terms

  • Late fees may be applied at the discretion of AATC t/as Elite Tennis Academy
  • In the event that your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.
  • Make-up lessons will be arranged for wash-outs and heat-outs.
  • Lessons missed through pupil absence can be made up at the end of the term on the first week of the school holidays during our school holiday program timetable. A medical certificate is required.
  • I have notified my coach that my child cannot make their lesson within the necessary time. Will a make-up be arranged?
    Yes, a makeup will be arranged at the end of the term on the first week of the school holidays.
  • Can make-up lessons be carried over to the following term or credited back to us?
  • No.
  • I have picked up my child from school and they are not feeling well. Can I get some make-up?
  • We needed to know earlier.
  • My child missed a lesson due to rain or heat, what is the process to arrange this missed lesson?
  • We will make up this class.  If we are unable to do so by the end of the term, we will provide credits.
  • If the weather is poor and there is rain or extreme heat and we are unsure if the sessions are going ahead. What is the process?
  • We will always SMS or email if lessons are canceled.  If you do not hear from us, then the lesson is going ahead as normal
  • My child has a long-term injury or illness. Can we get credit for this?:
  • Yes, if there are extenuating circumstances or long-term injuries, please let us know.
  • We have arranged a holiday and will be away for 4 weeks during the term and we have let you know in advance.  Will these lessons be made up or credited?
  • Yes.  We will adjust your invoice for that term if we know in advance.