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We consider ourselves lucky to joining the Elite Tennis Academy / East Coburg Tennis Club since we arrived in Australia three years ago. My 9 year old daughter had started already playing tennis back home when she was three and half years old, I wanted a place that understood her talent and help her to improve. Luckily, we contacted at the time the Elite Tennis Academy and my daughter was professionally assessed by the Owner of the Academy, Lynton Joseph and he knew what is required to improve her talent. Now, after three years my daughter is not only practicing tennis but also she is a member of the East Coburg team who plays competition amazingly. The Elite Tennis Academy / East Coburg is like our second home, friendly environment, all the staff are amazing and professional and it is not about tennis only but about behaviour and ethics as being a good tennis player is not about performing well only but I believe it is how you act on court and in life in general as well. I am really satisfied with the Elite Tennis Academy / East Coburg, It is the right place to raise a good tennis player with amazing manners
Dalia and Haya
My 10 year old son has been a member of the Elite Tennis Academy / East Coburg Tennis Club for over a year now and he absolutely loves it. The owner Lynton and the coaches go above and beyond to ensure that the kids are being taught properly, are in the right group depending on their level and are always approachable, listen to concerns and quick to act if there are any issues. If my son can’t make a lesson there is never an issue with make up classes and Lynton always finds a spot at my son’s convenience. Most of all they make my son’s experiences so enjoyable and fun that he cannot wait each week to go to his lesson. There is no pressure on the kids to win at all costs if they are competing against other clubs because, again, Lynton believes that Tennis should first of all be fun. It’s a great community feel at the ELite Tennis Academy / East Coburg Tennis Club and you are always made to feel welcome. I recommend to anyone who wants to have some fun and be active at the same time to give the Elite Tennis Academy / East Coburg Tennis Club a go, there is something for people of all ages and levels and you won’t be disappointed. All coaches are fully Qualified members of the Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches
Frances Straniero
I have known Lynton and been involved with the Elite Tennis Academy for approximately 15 years, the passion Lynton has for the game of tennis is second to none and infectious. The great array of qualified, professional and friendly coaches is a perfect way to get involved in the game of tennis and caters for all levels. I highly recommend the Elite Tennis Academy for any tennis enthusiast who wants to learn or improve their game
My children have been having both group and private tennis lessons with Elite Tennis Academy for almost 10 years. During this time they have developed not only tennis skills but also good social skills. The staff of Elite Tennis Academy are coaches, mentors and role models. Alongside teaching tennis they teach the importance fitness, fairness and good sportsmanship. Elite Tennis Academy provides a positive learning and social environment for kids of all ages.

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